Rome's attractions and other things to do in Rome

Sport experience in Rome

Which are the best things to do in Rome? TargetRome takes care also of your spare time. We give you the chance to to entertain you and your business team with some sports activities in Rome.

Enjoy the off-road car racing. You can be a real rally driver for one day. In Vallelunga Centre you can drive a SUV or a Crossover in an absolutely natural and wild surround.
Don't you know what to do in Rome? What's better than the great soccer clubs of Roma and Lazio? They are the two half parts of the same Roman hearts. Live the soccer matches in the amazing Olympic stadium in Rome! Live the most Roman activity in Rome!

Rome's attractions will satisfy also basket lovers, called “Acea Virtus Roma” who plays in the fascinating Italian championship. The sweat addicted have many things to do in Rome. CharmingRome will help you to discover the great choice of sports activities in Rome

Vallelunga Centre

activities safe driving

Off Road Experience

off road rome

driving in romeThe ACI-SARA Driving Centre is a one of the most important in Europe, and uses the latest technologies to train drivers on all types of vehicles, allowing them to control reactions and understand the vehicle's behaviour. The experience prepares drivers to deal with driving situations where there are some critical conditions. Any kind of customization is possible, based on guests' preferences!

off road in romeMud and dust for an unforgettable experience. Live the excitement and thrill of the Off-Road, experience the adrenaline of a real rally track or the Adventure Area.
These three areas of the Vallelunga Centre have been created to allow off-road training, presentations,dynamic tests, fun and outdoor team building activities.

Things to do around in rome

Activities in Rome are so much that you need someone who gives you the right informations about Rome. CharmingRome makes you find out all the Rome's attractions.

For sure one of the best things to do in Rome is shopping. Let be guided in Rome by our professional shopping tour operators. We will bring you to all the best italian botiques.
Don't you know what to do in Rome in the evening? Discover the great roman night life. We will suggest you what to see in Rome,the most exclusive place and the best events are worth to be frequented. Find out all the thing to do in Rome.

With CharmingRome you can have a dinner crossing the Tevere River. You can listen some good live music while riding a tram. Discover all the TargetRome' activities and our Roman Dolce Vita.

Historical Vespa

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Modern Vespa

Modern Vespa in rome

Vintage Cars

vintage cars Rome

Historical "Bulli"

Historical Bulli Van

Segway in rome

segway in Rome

City tour by bus

Activities in Rome

London Bus

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limousine rome

Vip bus / Vip van

vip bus in rome

Boat experience

boat experience in rome

tour rome in historical VespaExperience the romantic atmosphere of the movie “Vacanze Romane” on your own skin, and you will feel just like Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck.
Riding on a Piaggio Vespa with a professional driver, it will feel like going back in time and being in the city at the very height of the Italian economic boom.
A fashionable and glamorous way to see the real essence of the Capital and its surroundings, even by night. There are different types of tours available..

tour rome in modern VespaThis is the easiest way to move around the “Città Eterna”, the Eternal City, as Rome is called. You can drive the revival of the myth, a modern version of the classic Vespa, yourself or have a driver.
In any case, it is the perfect way to drive by the most famous stores in the city, discover Rome's most important monuments and, why not, even the city's surroundings.
There are different types of tours available for discovering Rome on this stylish ride.

vintage carsWhat better place to drive a historical, stylish car if not the land of engines? You can choose to drive the car yourself or you can have a professional driver to explore the streets of downtown, or go on a tailor-made tour to discover the real essence of Rome, as well as the surrounding territory.
Different types of tours are available.

bulli van tourA glamorous choice for discovering Rome, while at the same time feeling in the spotlight – the “Bulli” van is famous worldwide for being an icon of the most exciting decades, the Sixties and Seventies.
A personal driver will take you on an unforgettable tour to discover the essence of the Capital and its surroundings with a touch of vintage and a lot of comfort.
There are different possibilities available for your tour.

segway in romeIf you haven't tried riding a Segway yet, this is the perfect occasion! A smart combination of technology and design, Segway is easier to ride than a bicycle and it allows you to access even the most hidden corners and narrowest streets of Rome – you just need to use your mind to control it!
A cool and effortless way to visit the city of fashion.

Activities in romeThe most classic city tour is on an open bus, from where you can discover Rome's history and its unique style while enjoying the sun and breeze on your skin.
Tickets valid for 24 and 48 hours are available, with the Hop-On Hop-Off option.

Trams romeAn unusual and exclusive way to discover the city, preferably by night, living an amazing experience on the road.
The original London double-decker and the limousine bus will take guests around the city to see the Colosseum, Circo Massimo and other famous monuments in Rome, even tasting a glass of champagne on the way and relaxing with lounge music or dancing to a professional DJ set.
Take a look at the "Special Locations" section for a buffet dinner on board.

limousine service romeA professional limo service is the most comfortable, and at the same time glamorous way to discover the Capital. The limousine can not only take you around Rome, but is also available for group transfers, being able to seat a number of people.
A five-star, tailor-made service which will make you feel like a Roman film star, or can also add a spark to your event.

bus in romeThe evolution of Limousine service for business customers or to provide your guests with every comfort imaginable.
Manicured van and bus, interior design and technology come together in a VIPs comfort zone. This bus can be also used as mobile office thanks to the interior with desk and armchairs for your business meeting or transfer between airport to selected location!

tevere river navigationThe sightseeing cruise along the Tevere River is one of the main attractions in Rome.
This cruise allows to admire the city of Rome and its attractions from the perspective really different and full of charm: Ponte Sant'Angelo, The Tiberina Island, the bridges, are only some of the wonders visible.


We are in the centre of one of the world’s greatest cities and we want you to have the opportunity to experience all the greatest sights that Rome has to offer. Your challenge is to navigate your way around Rome’s historic destinations by completing a series of tests.

Each completed trail and associated team photo will earn you points, and extra points will be given for photos that display the typical “Get Outside” thinking – maybe an unusual shot of the spot, a creative shot of the team or the use of props or even passers-by! It’s down to you and your imagination.

Find the locations set for the challenge on the map provided, then split the area of interest between groups in order to cover as many locations as possible and ultimately earn as many points as possible!

Cooking class

cooking class whit Costa

Roman Challenge

roman challenge

rome attractions urban safariGaetano Costa's Restaurant and Kitchen opens its doors to food lovers who wish to learn some culinary art skills, and to professional cooks who want to deepen and improve their knowledge.
Perfect for anyone who loves to learn and would like to experience the techniques of gourmet cooking. An unforgettable experience, with the opportunity to dine with the dishes prepared during the lesson, with the advice of the most important Italian chef.

roma challengeWe are in the centre of one of the world’s greatest cities and we want you to have the opportunity to experience all the greatest sights that Rome has to offer.
Your challenge is to navigate your way around Rome’s historic destinations by completing a series of tests. Each completed trail and associated team photo will earn you points, and extra points will be given for photos that display the typical “Get Outside” thinking – maybe an unusual shot of the spot, a creative shot of the team or the use of props or even passers-by! It’s down to you and your imagination.

Place to visit in rome: Culture & history

Don't you know what to do in Rome? TargetRome will show you all the historical and architectural attractions in Rome.

We organize many activities in Rome as tour and excursions. At your disposal the possibility to be accompanied by a professional guide who will explain you all the secrets of Rome attractions.

It will be our care to bring you in every interesting sites and places. Live the ancient atmosphere of Colosseum and Caracalla's Bath. Make a jump into the thousand-year old Vatican's history. Our guides will give you all the informations about Rome's history and our private transports will show you what to see in Rome.

Archaeological park

archaeological park

Borghese gallery

visit rome Borhese

Caracalla Baths

baths of caracalla

National Museum

visit Museum of Rome

rome park attractionSince 2001, culture, history and passion come together in a complete location suitable for any event, the Vallelunga Centre.
In fact, during the latest modernization work to the track, an ancient road linking the consular roads and Cassia Flaminia has been discovered. In addition to the road, other things were found: a refreshment station, an imperial villa, a village and a necropolis dating back to the Hellenistic period.
The archaeological site of Vallelunga helps to enhance the archaeological site of Campagnano that encompasses, among others, the excavations of the Baccano postal station, discovered in 1982 along the 31 ° SS.2 km of Cassia.

visit villa BorgheseThe Borghese Gallery is located inside Villa Borghese, a gorgeous estate once belonging to the Borghese family. The villa is surrounded by a large park and is situated just 10 minutes by bus from the city centre.
The Borghese Gallery hosts a substantial part of the Borghese's painting, sculpture and antiquities collection, which was started by Cardinal Scipione Borghese, Pope Paul V's nephew. Among the most important masterpieces displayed, there are some of Caravaggio's most famous paintings, such as Madonna of the Palafrenieri, Boy with a basket of fruit, David with the head of Goliath; Deposition and Portrait of a Gentlewoman, painted by Raphael.

visit to CaracallaThermae Antonianae, one of the largest and best-preserved examples of an ancient spa complex, was built under the auspices of Emperor Caracalla in the southern part of the city.
The building was finished in 216 A.D. and displays the rectangular plan typical of Imperial spa centres.

visit National MuseumThe Roman National Museum is the largest archaeological museum complex in Rome and consists of four different museum locations: Palazzo Massimo, Palazzo Altemps, Baths of Diocletian and Crypta Balbi.
Tickets for the Roman National Museum include access to all four museum locations and is valid for three days.