dmc rome

Rome's location's and ancient history's Rome locations.

Rome's locations are selected among the most beautiful and suitable hotels and palaces of Rome's history.

Our Rome's history started as Professional Congress Organizer company. We grow and grow and today we are able to set every kind of events in Rome.

Nonetheless the love for our Job still press us to always look for the best locations in Rome. Because we want you to have a perfect Rome's events. For instance if you need a history's locations in Rome we can set your events in Palazzo Brancaccio. A beautiful 19th century palace standing between Colosseum and Nero's Domus Aurea. If our clients need the opposite, we have in store also modern locations in Rome, as Vallelunga Centre that is at your disposal for any great event and congress.

Targetrome always has the right answer as regards Rome's locations.