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Getting Around

Rome is the capital of Italy, and therefore the centre of social, political and economic activities. The traffic is very heavy, but the centre of the city is usually closed to private cars, so visiting the most important museums and monuments can be relaxing.

Rome offers an efficient transport service as indicated below.

subway rome The Underground, or Metro, is the fastest and most comfortable means of transport, although it does not allow to admire the amazing style of the Capital.
Metro stations are identified by an uppercase "M"

Bus and tram services allow tourists to enjoy a panoramic view of the city, but on the other side, the heavy traffic makes it a slow ride. Stops are usually indicated with "FERMATA" and also feature a display that indicates available lines and frequency of service.

A "Night service" is available at night; however, night buses only run along the city's main roads. These bus are recognisable by the letter N preceding the line number.
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Taxis are one of the peculiarities of Rome – they are white with a distinctive number and the word "TAXI" displayed on the roof of the car. Rates are displayed inside the vehicle.

Chauffeur service are also usually available, with elegant cars or vans.
Please be aware that only those marked "NCC" near the rear license plate of the car are authorized services. The others are illegal.

Travelling around Rome by private car is uncomfortable because of the heavy traffic and the lack of parking, which is also expensive. The best solution is to park your car in your hotel's parking space and use public transport.

As mentioned above, the majority of Rome's city centre is closed to private cars, so if you would like to avoid walking around the city it is possible to use a bike sharing service.
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